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The DADPR project

The DADPR project is Authentically U's charitable cause.

Our mission is to provide a network of like-minded individuals and groups that advocate on behalf of daughters who seek to help promote and uphold parental rights for fathers. We focus on building and enhancing relationships between a father and his children but particularly, his daughters. We are advocates for children. Every little girl deserves to have her father in her life.​​

Check out the official website for The DADPR project at

Diamonds From My Daddy

Have you made your submission to the "Diamonds From My Daddy" book project? If not, head over to our website and make yours today! Open to Fathers and Daughters of any age.


GoFundMe Campaign

For more information about ourGoFundMe Campaign, be sure to visit our GoFundMe page at:


I fight for my right... Campaign

Beginning in January 2016!


More information to come!


3 Vessels of Influence

The three vessels of Influence for The DADPR project are:

  • Awareness

  • Advocacy

  • Education

To learn more about our 3 vessels of influence, click here!

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